Even if you can do this on this small of a scale, chances are pretty good the only way you would be able to make sure the film is hugging the back of the container, be that a film container for 35mm or even a pvc tube, would be to have a sprocket similar to what a camera has in order to advance the film while it lays in the area you want it to.

The only way I can think of where this would not be true is if you have a take-up reel to spool the exposed frame on and tracks similar to a sheet film developing holder curved in the exact shape you want the film to move. You might be able to get some kind of plastic to act as the rails which will guide the film along the curve. But the curve has to be large enough to not hang up on the base of the film.

Also, loading something that has a u shape rail on top and bottom of film will cause film-loading problems initially.

Good luck on the project and let us know how it turns out.