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please can I see some image shooted with this lens, for appreciate tha problem on the lens?
and how much for the shipping in italy?

thank you.
Hi Luke,

I currently don't have any images that I can show that I shot with the lens. 1: because I purchased it recently enough to only shoot about 3 rolls through it, and 2: I don't have a scanner to scan the film I did shoot through it.

from the prints I had made at Costco on the test rolls(only ones I was able to shoot), the negs and the prints were nice and sharp. But the quality of the print itself was less than I expected. This lens however is one of the fave's for people to use on their digital cameras after conversion.

the only way that this could be used on a pentax would be through an adapter.

shipping to Italy would be around $45(but you would pay 1/2 of that, 50/50 on shipping per my deal).

I haven't noticed the speck noted in the lens to affect any of the prints I've had made.

but if you're looking for a *perfect* one, I'd keep looking. This lens is a great performer, but not perfect.