Well, I won't go into KR mental fantasyland but I own all of the MF Nikkor 85's including two of the F2's and I can assure you from testing many times both film and dig that while the F2 is a fine lens the 1.8 is better. Better wide open, better 1 stop down, less vignetting, sharper wide open and better sharpness over the whole field sooner, better bokeh, less veiling flare wide open, higher build quality, better coatings (the F2 seems to have less on the exterior, the same on interior compared to the H.C or K series). Yep, its lighter, and smaller, maybe that's all that KR judges on.
That said the 85mm f2 does go in the bag as often as the 1.8, which for both is more than the 1.4 Ais, but I think that's purely for weight reasons. Sometimes I need to shave weight to add a few other lenses to the bag, and since I'm confident of my testing methods I can work around the F2's weaker points to fill the 85mm need. If the need for speed is top of the list than the 1.4 goes, if its a good chance I'll need more speed but might need more weight savings than its the 1.8.
Funny how the marketplace has spoken, and the 1.8 has more value relative to the f2. Still, you can find deals on the 1.8 whereas the f2 seems to have a constant value.