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What Nikons are those? All of mine (and I have a lot! ... FE, FM2n, F3HP, F4S, F5, F70, N8008s, F90x, F100) let me shoot to the very end of the roll.

Only the manual-wind Nikons let me start shooting before frame 1 (the F3HP won't let me meter until frame 1 though).

I used to start shooting at frame zero (and occasionally do, especially on unimportant test rolls) but frame 0 is dangerous to shoot since it might be fogged. Frame 37 is dangerous to shoot because some labs will cut it in half during processing. (Dwayne's in Kansas, the last Kodachrome lab in the world, is such a lab.)
N-75 and F-100. If you know how to get more than 36 shots, I would like to know. I am about to use the only two rolls of HIE in the F-100, so this information would be timely.