Yes, I guess it IS a bit strange asking strangers which camera to keep when I've shot them both. I asked because I was going blurry-eyed trying to keep the specs of both in mind as I did research. I thought that there might be better exposure electronics in the (somewhat) newer FM.

I wasn't aware that the FM would shoot at different shutter speeds even if the batter fails. That is a plus since I have had battery failure on really cold days.

I had forgotten that the EL2 has mirror lockup, which I do use on occasion.

I bought the EL2 on a lark and out of some emotional attachment to the camera since I had used it for so many years, but I haven't received it from the seller yet, so I had some buyer's remorse.

I remember the EL2 felt so substantial - bomb proof, and I liked that. Maybe I will keep both. I just thought that I should sell one of them because if I were being practical, I really need to be saving for a Nikon D-700 and lenses.

Thank you all for the great responses. I'll be visiting this site a lot more.