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I shot a 36 exp. roll of Portra 800 two weeks ago. It's quite a good film. What worries me is that at $10 a roll it may not be around very much longer. There is a non-pro Fuji 800 film which goes for about $4 a roll. I think the Portra is a little better but it's a lot more expensive.
Superia 800, the Fuji film you are talking about (my most-used color negative film), is typically only $3 something per roll, and it comes in a pro version in 20-roll Press packages. "Pro" means that the color balance is different than the consumer version, and the emulsions match roll to roll. The consumer version is designed to age into the proper color balance, while the pro version is made right at the proper color balance. I average about one pro pack a month. I really wish this emulsion was available in medium format and 4x5.