So I gave it go yesterday making a Lippmann Plate.

It looks like I have a ways to go to get better color rendition, but I am stoked I was able to record a standing wave pattern in the emulsion. I used GEO-03 holographic plates. Hardened the emulsion with a Glyoxal soak and developed in Lumiere Pyrogallol-Ammonia developer.

I definitely altered the emulsion too much in processing, which is why the white table is blue & the red roses in the middle of the table are not red. But the green plants at the top left & bottom right are almost green & the blue turtle on the table is very blue.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I might reduce altering the emulsion in processing, I'm all ears.

Hardener (6min): 5ml Glyoxal, 1gr KBr, 2.5gr So. Carbonate to make 500ml

Developer (2min): Sol A - 1gr Pyrogallol, 100ml Alcohol. Sol B - 10gr KBr, 100ml H2O. Mix 20ml A + 30ml B + 140ml H2O + 10ml Sat. Ammonia

Rinse 10min & soak 2min in LFN ( 4drop in 500ml approx )

All at 60deg F, except the developer seemed to be having a reaction and warmed itself to 68deg.