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I would use 2 minutes at minimum for the post hardener wash. Also, without Sodium Sulfate, the hardening would take place, but not optimally due to swell.

The Bromide at that concentration will inhibit the solvent action if not washed out. Excess Glyoxal will react with the Ammonia and reduce solvent action. So, you see that a good wash and a proper prehardener are both needed.

Oh that's good info, thanks PE

I don't have any Sodium Sulfate in my darkroom pantry, so I'll need to order it.

The initial feedback I'm getting on the holography forum is that the color shift is probably due to the emulsion being thinner after processing. So the more I can harden it and avoid swelling or shrinking the better.

If I wanted to reduce the solvent action of the developer, would it be better to reduce the ammonia or increase the bromide?