Speaking of Kodak, I can practically recite this in my sleep:
KODAK Films will be replaced if defective in manufacture, labeling, or packaging, or if damaged or lost by us or any Kodak subsidiary company. Except for such replacement, the sale or other handling of these films is without warranty or liability, even if defect, damage, or loss is caused by negligence or other fault. Since color dyes may in time change, color films will not be replaced for, or otherwise warranted against, any change in color.
I'd say that putting it in a non-lightproof container is "defective packaging." Wouldn't you?

I've got to believe that Foma has a similar guarantee on their products.
Look to see if there is a "subsidiary company" clause in their statement too. Hopefully that will cover you against third party negligence.

Regardless, get on the horn and complain.
You are guaranteed to get no satisfaction until you do.