I have two Domke F-6 bags, and they suit my 35mm equipment very well. I like the rather unique layout, as I am able fit two motor-driven bodies--one on each side--without any problem. The "in and out" aspect of their design is perfect for me. My only complaint is that the F-6 lacks padding, especially on the sides. My Nikon F3s are farily bulky and heavy, and thus I would like more protection. When I put the bag down, I sometimes forget that there is not much padding, and therefore I often cringe at the resulting "clunk." The F-6 needs to be put down gently, not quickly. Would a Domke J-2 offer more padding and protection for my gear? The J-series bags appear to have better padding, but I am not sure how much better it is. I would probably opt for the ballistic version.