These were bought along with the Durst 138s I have listed in another thread and are in similar (ie great) condition.

1. Seal 200 commercial dry mount press
18.5" x 23" bed, about 75 lbs. Obviously prefer local but will ship if you pay shipping.

A buuunch of stainless steel tanks/reels:
2. 5 looong SS tanks capable of holding up to 8 120mm reels (each has a t-shaped hanger for loading reels on). These tanks don't have a light baffle: ie they need to be used(filled/emptied) in the dark. Original owner has labeled them with developer/stop bath/fixer/hca/water (he used each of them exclusively with that chemical). Includes 8 120mm reels and 5 t-hangers.
$200 + shipping

3. 1 32oz SS tank capable of up to 2 120mm/4 35mm reels (uses a t-hanger as described above)
1 smaller SS tank for up to 1 120mm/2 35mm reels
Both of these tanks have the standard light baffle for using emptying/filling in light.
includes 4 35mm reels and 2 120mm reels
$50 takes em all + shipping

Also have a new in box honeywell nikor 16mm reel as well as a minox(9.5mm) reel.

4. 14 4x5(could be capable of 5x7 too?) arkay/kodak SS hangers
1 arkay rack capable of holding the above hangers
7 SS rectangular tanks which perfectly fit the above rack (again, owner labeled them with different chems, in this case for color processing)
a nitrogen gaseous burst processor (this hooks up to the above arkay rack which has a tube running alongside the bottom to release the bubbles)
$200 for the whole set + shipping.

Prices are all guesstimates from what I got through 5 minutes of scanning ebay, willing to listen to offers if I've grossly miscalculated.

Pics available on request