Just thought I would let everyone know that thanks to the best site on the internet, APUG, I now have a llla in my gnarled hands.

And I LOVE it!

It is an absolute jewel and, I might add, quite spry for its 69 years.

Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. I have wanted a llla for years ever since I began a love affair with photography by shooting everything I could focus on with a beat up old Zorki.

Currently I have other rangefinders, a Mamiya 7 among them and something like 16 other cameras of various stripes. None however are as, well... just plain cool as the llla. Even the denizens of the local digi-shack squint and squeeze emporium were quite taken with it.

Next monday I will be sipping single malt at a favorite jazz haunt equiped with the llla. Finally an instrument worthy the venue. If I get ambitious I may even post a photo or two to the APUG gallery.