Well, round 20 is started and I haven't acknowledged all the cards received from 19, so I'll fix that now:

Jake's (Black Dog) seashore picture; nice high key scene, looks hot;
Polyglot's water picture from Cambodia - great light filtered through the trees;
Crispin's abandoned farmhouse from Iceland - beautiful, must have been a hard life;
OMU's pier with snow from Norway; nice tones, looks too cold to fish!;
Tim Gray's park photo with guy walking in the rain - just like Johnny Ray sang it;
Mark Rewald's March parking metre in Denver - I like the picture, but it doesn't make me look forward to winter;
Finally, Rob Skeoch's view of Mont Blanc. This really jumps out at you, perfectly exposed and developed, to my inexpert eye.

So, I've received 16 out of the 20 cards I signed up for. Not sure who's missing and too busy to look right now. However, 80 per cent ain't bad. I mailed one of mine to myself from Vietnam, and it finally arrived, so I trust everyone else's did as well.