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One of the smallest roller-transport processing machines is the Thermaphot Film Processor.
It is designed for 135 and 120, and runs process C-41 only, though on request they will offer a b&w version.
It is still available new.

I think I own the machine you are talking about. It is the Thermaphot FCP 41, fullly automatic filmprocessor for C-41. Fully automatic means in this case that you put in your filmroll with a plastic leader card in the maschine. After that it does all the processing automatically. Process, dryes and even cut the film from the roll. The film comes out processed and dry from the other end. The machine have several advantages as; fully automatic replenishment and the biggest is that it is very compact machine weight about 35kg. It also donīt need water supply or drain. Uses stabiliser. It also does all the processing in daylight, no need of darkness even when loading film in to it.

I run mine with Fuji Hunt C-41 chemistry, that is cheap and easy to find.

I bought mine as demo ex. that never had been used for the price of ~400e when new price was 8250e.

Technical data:

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