The Soviet cameras I was looking at are 9x12cm [I guess 3.5"x4.5"]. They're cheap at less then $40+shipping but they've got limitations. Even so if the film was easy to get I would be willing to get one.

It seems finding a graphic is a bigger chore then I was figuring. A week or so ago somebody put a speedgraphic up on Ebay. Ad read something like

" Len scratched with fungus,ground glass cracked and shutter sort of works" It then went on to list various minor comestic issues. I figured a CLA and later a new lens and ground glass. Well it sold for more then $200. I wouldn't mind paying something like that for one in good conditon but in that condition? I wonder if it's just a seasonal thing. Much more money and I hit the price of a new Toyo.