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Speaking of dichromated gelatin, one thing you might try before switching to another developer would be a "DCG-like" approach: put your already exposed/developed plate into a cold water bath for five minutes or so. Then you insert it into an 50% alcohol (isopropanol, ethanol or methanol) solution for two minutes. Then put it into a 100% alcohol bath for another two minutes. When you remove the plate you'd apply a warm air stream (hairdryer etc.) to dry it without causing condensation defects. Let me know if this shifts the reonstructing colors towards longer wavelengths.
I have a plate I can try this out on and it sounds easy. How cold? Water bath with ice cubes floating in it cold? I was hoping there might be a way to reswell the emulsion.

And I read somewhere about post processing with a rehalogenating bleach or maybe it was bleaching and then redeveloping to try and restore the emulsion thickness. I need to go back and reread a few things.