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MZ-10 is one of the few Pentax cameras of that era that can properly use an M- or K-series lens; it's not one with the now-common "crippled" lens mount. But (if it's not too late) be sure it is a working sample before you give up your cash. These had a tendency for a plastic gear on the mirror motor to crack, resulting in intermittent stuck-shutter symptoms.

I totally agree with the above author. The Pentax MZ family is notorious for this problem (except MZ-S). That plastic gear will one day break no matter how hard or how light you use it. Other than that they are wonderful bodies, small, light, thoughtfully designed, very undisturbed (vibrationless, noiseless) mirror slap, easy to manipulate the camera settings. I just hope that your MZ-10 won't easily die in your hand. Mine is now in heaven. ^^