Hmmm... This is going to be very hard.

Do I really have to pick a single winner? To me there are quite a few winners here!

First, Bertus gave us a great view of why it's worth grabbing the gear and get out there to take images of those places that so touch us. That was followed with a lovely shot of a family event, and that is a blessing indeed.

Barbara Ann then followed with three perfect examples. I particularly like the last one, the shot of the bird feeding. It's just a great blessing to be able to see a scene like that in a photo!

Next davelam shared with us the special view of grabbing that great camera in the thrift shop. Obviously a great happy moment in finding that Oly and putting it to good use!

Thomas shared a simple image, greatly enhanced by the texture of the media used to present it. I am not familiar with the technique but it spiked my curiosity enough to make it to the "must look into this" rank! Surely a great use of the theme.

Sly rejoined us - welcome back and here is hoping the pain stays away! - with two blessed images indeed! Simply stunning in their simplicity and message.

Finally, Mikec squeezed in 5 unique images, of great simplicity and yet quite evocative of the proposed theme. The one with the flowers poking out of the snow/ice just brings back so many memories...

I am at a loss trying to single one out, as I write this. Bertus' "Taking pictures in a nice day", Barbara's bird feeding, Thomas' unusual but excellent application of technique, Sly's amazing shot of the child-to-be and finally Mike's shot of the flowers coming out of an icy hibernation, all of those touched me very strongly. As far as I am concerned, they are all winners!

I wish I could declare them all as such!
But the rules say I have to pick a winner. Well, so be it:

mikec, your flowers (Blessings 002) have it: get ready to pick a subject in two months time!

Thanks heaps to everyone for contributing at a time when it's still cold and uncomfortable to get out in your Northern surrounds!

And above all: thanks for sharing your images, it's what photography is all about.

Bless you!