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I have a plate I can try this out on and it sounds easy. How cold? Water bath with ice cubes floating in it cold? I was hoping there might be a way to reswell the emulsion.
I would use all baths at >20C.

In order to post-swell the emulsion you might try also a 5% glycerol (sorbitol would be another option) solution.

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And I read somewhere about post processing with a rehalogenating bleach or maybe it was bleaching and then redeveloping to try and restore the emulsion thickness. I need to go back and reread a few things.
I assume this would imply to develop (or re-develop) the emulsion to increased densities. Then you'd have to use a rehalogenating bleach that does very little damage to the integrity of the Lippmann fringes. Bleaches based on ferric EDTA or copper sulfate, maybe on iodine would come to my mind. The "classic" method implies mercuric chloride but that one surely has to be ruled out.