For sale is my Olympus XA which I had for about 1.5 years. While it served me well I decided I want something bit sharper wide open and probably AF.

The camera is fully working (the flash too). After I bought it and realized that light seals are just black sticky mud I got a dedicated light sealing kit (it came with instruction for XA so I knew what and how) and I replaced them. So there is nothing to worry about in this direction.
It has of course signs of use but it still looks fine. The lens is clean - NO haze, fungus or coating marks. The viewfinder has no internal dust.

This offer contains
- Olympus XA
- Olympus A11 flash with 1 AA battery
- 2 sets of batteries for the camera (still fresh)
- small pouch where the camera fits perfectly (without flash)
- I can throw in 2 rolls of recently expired Fuji Pro 400H if you like - let me know then.

85 euro to my account

PayPal, Wire Transfer

within EU is DHL fine, for outside you need to keep your fingers crossed (it may take longer time, but it will come)

If you have a question PM me or just replay to this add.

Example photos:
You will quite some photos I have taken with this camera during my trip to New Zealand together with some 100% crops at different apertures here:

Seller status:
While I have not sold anything here yet, I did sell several items on On eBay you can find me under nick name "slnce-z-gsi" with 100% feedback.