In what seemed to be a gracious act on the part of a local ad-agency I was allowed to take off their hands a used ATL-2 processor with all the bells an whistles. Loads of drums, reels, portable film drier, processor, reclamation unit, extra chemistry containers, literature and basically everything they had used to process all of their in-house photographer's E-6 until they went digital. ..Well, all except the mixing valve, it was a little more effort than the guys at the agency bargained for when it came time to take it all apart, so it was easier for them to keep it mounted on the wall.

I suspect that problems will arise when I want to process something other than E-6 in the machine, or process anything at all since it has been years since anything has been run through it.

(1) Is there an effective, economical way of thoroughly cleaning the lines and mechanisms of the processor to eliminate the years of E-6 accumulation?

I assume that it would be a little more in depth than cleaning a coffee maker, which is the only thing I can come-up with that is analogous to the task.

(2) Is it even worth it? Since the machine hasnt been run in several years, even though it will turn on, beep at me and flash some lights, I still have serious doubts as to its effectiveness and reliability.

If the machine can get back to working condition, I plan on processing all my C41, with the slight possibility of running black and white. (Emphasis on the slight.)