I personally like the Shikoku pictures best. The Tokyo pictures somehow leave the impression of being overwhelmed by the amount of "new" things/views to be photographed. To me it feels like the pictures were taken quite randomly and hecticly.
The Shikoku pictures on the other hand seem to be more "calm". You probably were more at rest, gave the composition more thought, I think that reflects in your pictures. I could also look at each of the Shikoku pictures for a longer time, as opposed to the Tokyo pictures where I felt the urge to click to the next picture within a fraction of a second.
I lived in Tokyo, I know how "overwhelming" (or: impressive) it can be. It certainly offers lots of motives, but I think it's best to relax and just accept the fact that you cannot possibly ever take photos of all the things that amaze/impress you. At least that was my approach.