Yesterday in downtown Rotterdam I decided to continue my hunt for the four-bladed easel. I went to one of the two pro shops and noticed that things had changed: hardly any cameras at all on display. After introducing myself as being an amateur ( I love this game&#33 to one of the sales staff the bloke got a bit toffee nosed and told me with some relish that new management policy was to sell to pro photographers only and any analogue items were to be phased out. So I left this House of Disdain.

The second shop: staff are ususally cheerful there and service is excellent. They told me they were going to move to the suburbs within a month. My remark that this was the big chance to go all digital was met with a hopeful denial. On the contrary: as sales for B&W materials were going up they had decided to have the full range of Agfa, Ilford etc in stock as the new premises has a lot more space.

Conclusion: photo pro land will show a separation of the minds. There's going to be either digilemmings or undogmatic people with an eye for the (niche) market. If we all support the latter it is all going to be fine.

Still no four bladed easel though.