Hi everybody,

received quite a few cards over the last weeks (in no chronological order):

-DrZish's very calm and inviting creek. Nice spring light!
-a very detailed lighthouse photo from Trotkiller
-from Kathy Whitmore, a snow storm picture that forces me to remember these really cold winter days! Gives me a chill, has a very raw feeling to it.
-OMU's pier with beautiful reflections in the lake - and is exactly like I imagine a beautiful winter day in Norway.
-from rst, an interesting shot that shows very old structures and is composed very well! Das Motiv gefällt, Rüdiger! :-)
-Mark Rewald's snow-covered light meter, and a street that reminds me of my time in the States.
-Rob Skeoch's Mont Blanc picture which has a very dramatic feel to it, great composition! this is a beautiful mountain photographed beautifully!
-Last but most certainly not least: Crispin's color print of an abandoned house is one of my absolute favourites. Jewel-like, unusual and also stunning colors!

I want to thank all of you for brightening my days with your cards!

-Mark Rewald's snow-covered meters