I posted this a while ago in the For Trade section as for sale or for trade, but never got an offer. I just saw the same camera sell in a few days in this section of the classifieds, so I'm going to try reposting here:

- 4x5 Calumet monorail camera (looks like this: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/170/4...6a1608ff37.jpg) with a 20 inch rail. Relatively good condition. It's not spotless, but its not grotesque either (probably closer to spotless than grotesque).
- 150mm f/5.6 Caltar type-S in a wista press shutter with front & back caps. There's some minor separation in the lens elements around the edges, but I've noticed no ill effects; it's apparently a common problem.
- about 10 (I'd have to count) double sided film holders.
- 15-20 sheets of ilford Delta 100, expired 2009-ish, kept in the fridge.
- 40-50 sheets of kodak pro 100, ~18 sheets of velvia 50, both expired 1998, but kept frozen. I bought the color film from another APUG member, who'd said it was still good when he sold it to me a few months ago. I shot a few sheets and it appears to be fine to me.
- an extra #0 lens board
- A bellows lens shade, appears to have a removable filter drawer and a flash shoe.
- A big metal case to hold everything in. It's pretty beat up, but it's sturdy and all the latches work.

Shipping would probably be around $20 for everything, or you can pick it up if you want to take a trip to Chicago's southern suburbs. I paid between $200-$300 for everything; make me an offer, be it for the whole thing or individual parts, if you're interested.