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Too bad Instax camera are just toys with fixed focus and pathetically slow lens. I cannot stand the "dear in the headlights" look coming from a camera with a slow lens and the necessary flash for anything else then sunny outdoors. I wish someone would make a real camera using instax film.
The point of the camera is just that. It's great at parties and family gatherings. It's a look people remember from the days of older polaroid cameras with mandatory flash and fixed focus. The instax actually has 2 focusing settings, one for closer and an infinity setting for outdoor photographs. Plus you can turn the flash off, a major advantage over polaroid 600 (only a few had this capability.) So is it revolutionary? No. Is it a hell of a lot of fun? Yes. Now that polaroid is done people become fascinated to see this crazy technology.

I think that the Impossible project is not mainstream but is rapidly approaching a nice product. They will be constantly revising it for some time to come. This first instant film was more of a "satisfy the shareholders and consumers with a product." Anything is better than nothing.