This is my method too. Mostly photo corners, but sometimes I use t-hinges too.

The person that mounts and displays photographs at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts once told me these words: "Use linen tape to t-hinge, or archival photo corners to mount your prints. But, whatever you do, don't ever dry mount them".
I always took that advice at face value, and added the reasoning that you can't ever re-mount the print if you have to. And that is something you will want to do, when the buffer in your mounting board has been eradicated by the acids and pollutants in the atmosphere. It will, at that point, no longer protect your print.
And, if something happens to the mount board, which is there to protect the back of the print, you're stuck again by not being able to replace it.

But I digress. Many people dry mount, and 2ply works fine for that. If your prints are very large, you may wish to consider a stiffer material, such as 4ply.

- Thomas

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I use a piece of linen tape to hinge the mat boards together.

I'm one of those that doesn't like to drymount prints. I prefer mylar corners. Especially for prints that small, they work really well. Although, I have done the T-Hinge mount with linen tape and that works perfectly fine, too.