The tree Dale photographed, that is laying down the length of Buttermilk Falls, came down in a big storm last year. It had been growing maybe 50 feet above the falls on a possibly 60-70 degree slope. I took the Hiking Hounds group down there just after the storm unaware this tree had fallen. I had told them we would be hiking up the slope, meaning the trail I described earlier. That massive tree tore a trail in the slope as it came down and the HH group thought that was what I expected them to climb. Anguish.

If all of us want to go to the falls at different times Sunday morning, let’s cancel the 10:00 AM coffee meeting at our house, all go to the falls at times they are comfortable with, and then go to the Richfield Family Restaurant across from the Hampton Inn for brunch. The restaurant is maybe a mile west of the parking lot we will be using for the falls hike. We will look at maps Saturday when we meet for dinner and be sure every one knows the way or is comfortable with other plans if they don't feel like the hike.

By the way the HH group schedules all their hikes to meet in the “Barking Lot” at the individual trail heads.