I started with a Paterson Super System 4 tank, with included plastic reel. I still use it if I'm developing either C-41 (for the thermal insulation) or 120 (because I like the way the reels load.)

For 35mm I now use a steel tank with Hewes reels (teeth that grab the sprockets, rather than a spring-loaded clip). I like it because it takes less chemistry to use, and I can agitate it with holding it in one hand. Also, I like the fit of the lid a bit better than the Paterson, which is a bit tight. But still an excellent tank!

Youtube has some excellent videos on how to load both types of film into reels, as well as both B&W and C-41 tutorials for using developing chemicals. A simple search should get you some good ones - just be sure to watch more than one!

If you're using black and white film/chemistry, make sure to check out the Massive Dev Chart (http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php) for a guide on how long to develop. Most times assume constant agitation for the first minute and ten seconds per minute after, but double check under "notes" for each listing.

In case no one else has recommended it, try to pick a single B&W film and developer combination to start off with, and do a TON of that combination so you can get a true feel for B&W developing. I made the mistake of getting a bunch of different films and I'm still in the dark in terms of learning how to work the chemical processes the way I want.

Hope this helps.