Here is another post that describes how to take the top off:

Jan Böttcher wrote:

> Sven,
> congratulations to your purchase, it'll just need a little C&L (CLA without the A).
> The shortcut way: go to Paepke ooops, sorry, Düsseldorf(!), I forgot, so
> that's probably not your way. The medium long way: take off the camera's
> cover(*), flush-clean the gummed up areas with lighter fluid (Waschbenzin),
> add a tiny drop of model-railroad oil, put all tgose pieces back together.
> The long way: don't flush clean, but disassemble, clean, lube and put back
> together.
> Jan
> (*): to take off the cover
> set film speed to 100 ASA, shutter speed to X (just so you can remember
> a setting for putting things back together some day)
> unscrew the diopter lens (three screws)
> unscrew the rewind crank (do not remove the film speed setting parts)
> unscrew the shutter release (use rubber glove or some leather for firm grip)
> unscrew the shutter speed selcting parts (needle nose pliars or tweezers)
> take of the blind cover on advance lever VERRRY carefully or unscrew with
> your rubber gloves, unscrew advance lever
> unscrew the screws holding the top cover, pull off top cover (push in the red
> LED and watch out so it won't get scratched) and watch tiny parts leaving into
> the fourth dimension (credits to Mr. Knoppow)
> peel of the right hand side letherette, unscrew covering metal, and study the
> mechanism, squirt the lighter fluid at the "usual places" avoiding all other areas,
> work the mechanism, carefully watching not to contaminate other areas.
> Add a tiny drop of oil where you think it might do good, leave your signature
> (your sign, date and what you did) in the top-cover's inside.
> When putting things together, use some Tesa-Film (Scotch tape) to secure the
> battery-check button from the outside (otherwise it'll drive you crazy!).
> To reglue the letherette use Pattex.
> Check, if film speed setting is engaged, self timer lever is engaged, flash sync
> still working etc.
> Anybody can tell wether you did a good job (or goofed it up) by examinig the
> chrome cover (bent/torn/scratched?) on the advance lever and the LED
> (scratched?) only absolute beginners leave fingerprints on the inside of the view
> finder.
> If YOU screwed it up: DON'T BLAME ME! If you doubt my instructions, ask
> again, and I recheck and try to answer your question. I'd not recommend you
> go the long way.