Thanks for the feed back. I was always surprised how some negatives printed so well when I used to contact proof them, now I just scan them. From what I have read, AZO seems to have many of the qualities all b&w papers should have, full range of tones, deep rich blacks and a glow. Now if somebody would just make it more suitable for enlarging and in the standard sizes, I would try it.

Bergger papers may be what I will try next. Though why would they ship boxes with only ten to 25 sheets per box? It does not make sense. Plus with their Siver Supreme, only make two sizes and one contrast.

I do not use VC papers. I have used the long gone Dupont papers, Varigam, and observed the same thing, not as sharp, plus blacks that are not as deep and rich as graded papers. In all that I have read about AA, I have never read of a print he did on VC papers. Though in his darkroom book, there is a shot of his darkroom and an enlarger with an old VC head.