Very, very interesting my friends. Especially when you pro's give sound advice on these sometimes tricky 2nd hand business.
It's every Little Man's dream to own and use the Big Man's gear. And maybe that's not needed at all. But it's the only way to get hands on the best on the planet. When a amateur like me wants a D3 or even much better a F6 we have to wait for another 3 to 5 yrs to get them into reach of our budget. It's all spending you know, no refunding when a pic is brillant!
My F4S went back to my store. I got a 3 months waranty on it so it will be or repaired, get a (minimum) CLA, or will be trashed and I'll be refunded or I'll choose some other 2nd hand camera for the same amount of cash.
It's my 4th or 5th camera from them. Warranty wasn't and isn't a problem for them. Therefor they always get my cash when I see anything what's in my reach- the F4S was, even without much thinking from my side.