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Ehhhmmm... Why exactly do you want a "pro" camera? What are you looking for and what are your needs?
It's not the "pro" title that attracks me to the Big Man's gear but it's the possibilities this stuf gives to create things further than you once expected you could. Take MLU, DOF, all controls on dedicated knobs&wheels(did you ever digged in the modern gear's menu's-it makes you crazy or lazy), double exposure, choose manual rewind or motor rewind, vertical grip with 2nd shutter button, closeable viewer, Everready NiHh batts instead of Lithiums to name a few F4s things my F65 doesn't give me.
I think the word " control" sticks out of it. When I look through the viewfinder I place my fingers on the knobs and I can stay connected to the subject.

It all comes with a price.

I wanted a Hassy for starting the 120 experience. Not now anymore.

Little man stays little for a while.

Any thoughts on this?