This is a complete Polaroid 180 kit in the carrying case... It includes the Portrait Kit (#591), the Close-Up Kit (#593), the Filter Kit (#595the Light Meter#628), the Development Timer (#128), the Flash (#280), the Cold Clip (#193), the Cable Release (#191), and the Shoulder Strap. Most of the accessories look to have never been used- the filters in all 3 optic kits are still in their plastic wrappers, and there is no battery in the meter. There is a full packet of AG-1B bulbs for the flash. All of the manuals & directions are also included.

The camera is in excellent user condition- the rollers are clean, and there are no major scuffs on the body or case. The only missing piece is a small bit of foil on the top of the left focus handle. The lens is clean & clear of any fungus/dirt/scuffs etc. The shutter is snappy, and I will include a timing sheet from my electronic speed tester for any speed offsets.

I'm asking $395 - Free shipping to US/48

John Moore