For the most part, it really depends on the photographer. Case in point, my *most* reliable F is the one in my avatar. Even though it was a motor driven camera prior to my owning it (the F-36 on it was added by me, got the camera with the normal back), everything works properly on it. I did have to have the meter worked on, but, it's fairly rare to get a properly working FTn finder nowadays. So, had the meter fixed, and recalibrated to 1.5 volts. It did help that the previous owner was both a pro photog and a camera tech. So, he did keep it in good working order when he was using it. The chrome F FTn that I had last year was in almost perfect condition cosmetically, with only the strap lugs showing wear. Meter worked fine, but the frame counter was off by a frame. Would stop at frame 35 and not go to 36.

I think I could probably purge the Nikomat bodies, the FM2n, and the F3P, and be a happy camper. My F, F2A, and my F4 have been dead nuts reliable. The 'tax I'm keeping as a useable collectible. It probably won't see daily use unlike my Nikon bodies, but will be taken out every once in a while to shoot with. May also use it for when I'm hiking and don't want even an FM2n around my neck.