Boss just hit me with a task and took away my Friday vacation time; as you may know with the Air Force, Mission First Always. I am still driving up there on Friday, I just do not know my departure time now, 1100, 1400, 1700 hours and 3.5 or so hours of drive from Dayton (Got to get that Mil time out of my head). Are you having an arrival get together on Friday? If so how late is too late to stop by? Will have your phone number with me.

I am staying at the Marriott property on Springdale above Akron and if I get in real late I was wondering how early people are gathering on Saturday. I see Sunday looks like a hike out to the falls and early is always good for me I can get board 4 minutes after waking up at 0422 hours in the AM. I was wondering how Saturday was shaking out. I'd Love to see the old paper mill if anyone can point me out there, take anyone I can fit in the midget Honda and anything else you all suggest.

Truly looking forward to meeting you all, getting out and tickling some silver. I reread the threads again and it got me more excited now that we are in the week. Thanks again John and Dolly for extending your hospitality, and the doggs too!

Lee Gephart