I was always a Jobo drum processor at 35 degrees for RA4 and I kept my Nova 4 slot for B&W. While the 4 slot can be temp controlled for 35C it would be simpler if I could use it for RA4 at room temp. However what I am reading here is that Fuji paper is problematical at room temp and yet it is Kodak that has dropped it's sheet option. So while Fuji cut sheets are now available through various third parties such as Agphotographic in the U.K. it would appear that it isn't suitable at room temp which is a pity.

So in summary Kodak Supra Endura is OK at room temp but isn't available or won't be for much longer while Fuji RA4 will be available in cut sheet form but has to processed at 35 degrees. Have I got this correct?