My mom wanted me to shoot some photos of her flower garden on Mother's day, yesterday. I took some photos and it was near the end of a roll so I handed her the camera and let her shoot a couple.

I don't think my mom has EVER used a 35mm manual camera in her life. She's always had a point-n-shoot Instamatic. So I set the exposure, showed her where to turn the focus and said, "Press the button when you're ready."

Before you look at the photo, you should know that this film is some old, expired Tri-X Pan 400. It came inside one of the film loaders I just bought, second-hand, from eBay. It's at least 10 years old but, I thought, "What the hell? It's free film. I might as well shoot it."
Processed in D-76 @ 8 min. Everything pretty much normal.

I scanned the photo and e-mailed it to her, this morning. She replied and told me she doesn't like it. I disagree with her. Although I don't think it's the "Great American Photograph," I think the image stands on its own.

Maybe it's beginner's luck but Mom still hates it, no matter what I say. I think she's too used to shooting that "everything in focus" flat kind of picture that she's always gotten from her Instamatic.

I like the "old fashioned" look and I think it's kind of "dreamy" looking.
I think I'm going to print it and maybe sepia tone it to make it look "really old fashioned."

I just thought I'd post the photo and see what other people think.