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I can lend you tent if you like - it is a big one, so if it leaks you can always find a dry spot somewhere.

Oh, yes. It looks like I will be in California in June rather than May, so I should be able to make this spring's - oh, what's the word I'm looking for - ado, agitation, ballyhoo, bedlam, big scene, brouhaha, bustle, clatter, combustion, confusion, convulsion, dither, excitement, ferment, fermentation, flap, flurry, furor, fuss, hell broke loose, hubbub, hurly-burly, insurgence, insurrection, lather, mutiny, outcry, pandemonium, perturbation, pother, racket, rebellion, revolt, riot, rumpus, stew, stir, to-do, tumult, turbulence, upheaval, uprising, upset, upturn, vexation, welter, whirl - hmmm, none seem to fit, but they'll all do.

Thanks Nicholas, I appreciate it. I think I'll just take my chances on the little one. I took Friday & Sunday off, so I'm planning on coming down Friday night.