You did not say what type of mat board you were looking for, or how large the borders are. If I assume, less expensive decorative mat board with borders that allow an 11x14 image to be placed in a 16x20 frame then here our price each at various quantities:

Decorative buffered paper mat board 11x14 artwork / 16x20 frame size
Qty 1: $4.44 each
Qty 4: $3.29 each
Qty 10: $2.56 each
Qty 25: $2.10 each

If you are ok with smaller borders, then our prices go down. If you want museum quality matboard then our prices go up. Our standard opening is larger than most precut since we only cut 1/4 inch smaller instead of 1/2 inch smaller. In other words our opening would be 10 3/4 x 13 3/4 to allow more of the image to show. We can also do custom for our customers that need to float mount or bottom weight.


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Hi Guys- I have been invited to enter 20 photographs into a gallery and I am looking for a place online that I can find some inexpensive but still fairly decent pre-cut mats. Mostly 11x14 prints. The best deal I could find was black mats for 11X14 that were $4.10....Thanks