For sale is a Pentax 67 body with 105mm f/2.4 lens and metering prism. Camera came from SC where it was stored in a damp closet, there is some paint bubbling here and there and signs of surface corrosion in places. The lens has the same problem. That's the bad news. Good news is that the camera and lens are both in good working order as is the meter. Light seals have been replaced, glass and aperture have been cleaned (there's still some specks of dust inside) focus is smooth and shutter speeds are working well. The auto/manual selector on the lens is cracked but still works just fine. There's some tiny spots in the prism at the very top edge where the mirroring is popped resulting in a faint line in the center of the finder. So... all in all, a good user kit which has no chance of winning a beauty pageant this year or next. - $160

Pentax 145mm f/4 macro, same buy so theres some of the same paint bubbles as with the camera, glass is clean and clear except for a few specks of dust, focus smooth, aperture snappy. Some dings on the front filter ring. - $100

Pentax 105mm f/2.4 from the same buy, also some paint bubbling but minimal, glass has some specks of dust inside but otherwise looks very good. Focus smooth, aperture snappy - $40

Pentax 67 Parts body, doesn't seem to work and is kinda fugly - $20