my assumption for even considering this is that finer silver, and more of it can be achieved by making my own paper providing deeper richer more dimensional images and more one of a kind final pieces. i have very little experience with using bottled comercially available emulsions, and aside from tons of research, no experience making my own.

for those of you who have adopted liquid emulsions into your craft, i have a few concerns for starting liquid emulsion usage. i am hoping you guys have overcome these concerns yourself and dont mention them here because they are non-issues:

is it reasonable for me to use this process to replace commercially available paper?

exposure too slow? we try hard to keep vibration out of the exposure process. if i make large printings, my 23c setup will only do 16X20 on the base so i have to flip an project to a second surface. now the longer the light is on the more the image can get slurred.

emulsion too fragile? i process a bit by feel. its probably a bad habit i agree. but touching the emulsion during processing tells me if the print is slimy or clean. i've read you'll wipe the new commercial stuff right off the paper.

final image not going to have the tonal range, contrast and sharpness of high end commercially available paper without making my own emulsion with space and money intensive lab equipment?

thanks in advance.