Hello All,

Decided to put my Toyo 45A up for sale. I have a Kodak 2D on the way with 4X5 and 5X7 reducing backs and need the money from this for other things.

This Toyo 45A is in EX+ shape, only a few super small marks in the paint, everything else is perfect. Has a Fresnel screen for nice bright focusing, rotating back, focusing hood, Graflock back, front tilt and swing, front rise and fall, rear tilt and swing.

Comes with 3 nice light tight Fidelity Deluxe film holders that have new hinges, and 6 lens boards.

The camera has approx. 310mm of bellows extension at full draw.

I replaced the bellows about a 45 days ago with brand new ones from Toyo in NJ which is really owned by Mamiya, cost was $178.

Lens Boards:

1. Copal 0 Recessed NIB
2. Copal 0 Flat
3. Copal 1 Flat X 3
4. Copal 3 Flat

This is a super versatile, compact, rugged 4X5 field camera, only weighs about 6 lbs without lens or holder. It fits in my Lowepro Photo Trekker with 3 lenses, holders, meter, loupe, ect no problem.

I want to sell the whole set together and my price is firm unless you have $600 cash and a nice Petzval to trade.

Price: $850 Shipped USPS Priority CONUS

Payment as a "gift" through paypal or add 3%, MO also acceptable if you can send it quickly.

More photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/3855704...7623918162889/