hey guys,

I can't go on anymore. My F100 is just too small for my hands. And now that I've gotten my mitts on a custom brackets mini-rc for my speedlight, it makes it even harder :o.

so this is what I have for trade: Nikon F100 body +

-EPN Readyload 4X5 04/09 dating (refrigerated since purchase last year in March)

-Misc. darkroom equipment(35mm s.s. reels, 4-35mm reel tank(no cap for lid), 5x7 safelight(OC)

-12 rolls of 400vc 220 04/2010 dating(refrigerated since purchase in 09)

too many other things to mention in a single post.

PM me if you're looking to "downsize". I'm ready for the upgrade !

please no beater bodies, I like my equipment, and this F100 is in good/great condition. The rubber on the grip is somewhat "bulging, becoming unglued", but its still on at the edges perfectly fine.