The Kenko KFM 2100 does 1° spotmetering, ambient and flash.
It has all the bells and whistles one can think of, but in turn
you have to read the manual and use it a lot to get used to it.
Once you know the buttons itīs a nice meter. Not really suited for
the zone system.

Gossen Starlite does 1°and 5° spotmetering, ambient and flash.
Simpler to operate than the Kenko, but I found the lens prone
to flare, measure the heap of coal in a snowfield and you will
get stunning results (i.e. something like 2 stops between coal and snow),
donīt know if the new Starlite 2 still has this problem. Thereīs a zone
system mode. Expensive !

Considering the costs, if this is possible for you, it would really
be a good idea to have a look at them to find out which one your
comfortable with.