Sekonic L758D, with incident, multispot/bal., reflected, ambient, corded/uncorded flash and various baseline point adjustments (like other Sekonics, it will also take PocketWizard Tx/Rx console). It's an expensive brute but lethally accurate, particularly with reversal film tracking changing light; you do of course have much more leeway with monochrome both in metering and post-prod (darkroom). I would stress that what others are using should not be your only guide; your experience and knowledge of how meters behave and where you will go in terms of that knowledge down the line will have a greater bearing; I used a simple Polaris 308 meter for more than 15 years until it was stolen in 2003. Really, it's no good buying the super-souped bells-and-whistles model and not being able to understand it. Perhaps hire a meter you are interested in and get to know it before committing to a purchase.