I too am pondering this question

The two meters I have narrowed it down to are the Kenko 2100 and the Sekonic 758.

Both seem to be superb meters.

I ignored the Gossen because of the price premium.

Having read the specifications and the user manuals of the Kenko and Sekonic, the only real difference I can find between the two meters is the Kenko results seem to based around a nominated shutter speed and the display will give you the appropriate aperture (shutter priority mode?)

However, as Large Format user, I know what aperture I want to use (usually f/22 or there abouts) and adjust the shutter speed, so the Kenko output would require adjustment to show the displayed values I would choose.

However, with the Sekonic, you can choose between aperture or speed priority.

This might be important to you

Just my $0.02

Good luck