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and/or/with EV, additional to Tv or Av, in clear, easily read numerals.
The auto-backlight on the Sekonic's display is also very handy (on at <EV6), particularly in a contrasty rainforest environment.
The Kenko can do readouts in EV if one wants - I have one and use it in spot mode all the time. It is a rebadged Minolta meter, which in someways makes it old technology as it is from the '90's but was designed when film ruled the roost & is none the worse for that. The newer Sekonic ones seem to be biased for "dig" or is that just marketing hype !!!! Was tempted with a Sekonic but couldn't justify the extra 150 for a similar model.
That said, I will admit that I would like a backlight display on the Kenko - I have a mini-maglite to illuminate the screen, but if I need to use this I also need it to see inside the camera bag so would have it with me anyway.
Agree that the best thing is to try them out in a shop first, I did and based my decision on that comparison.