I have for sale a very nice 5x7 Kodak #2 camera. It has a new bellows from Custom Bellows in England, and a new ground glass by Steve Hopf. Sorry, no lens board. Everything works as it should. All the controls are smooth and lock down tightly. The finish is original and in good condition. It does have some scrapes and smudges, but nothing serious, and I never saw a need to refinish it. The brass fittings are a little dull, but have no corrosion and would polish up nicely if you are so inclined. The leather handle is worn, but seems strong and secure. The camera comes with a rear extension rail that although it is from a different camera (a 2D, and the finish is worn), fits this one–the geared tracks line up perfectly. The only thing it needs is a way to attach it to the camera, as the mounting turn knob is missing. I would think a couple hanger bolts with wing-nuts would work, or someone like Richard Ritter could do something more elegant. I will include 2 plastic film holders to get you started. I am asking $410.00 which includes shipping and PayPal in the US. I am happy to ship it anywhere else, please contact me for a quote. 3% to APUG of course! Please let me know if you have any questions.