Ballyogan Recycling Centre have refused my delivery of a very small quantity of a spent Kodak developer, fixer, and toner. I have been successfully taking my used chemistry to them for quite a while, with their prior permission (see my old thread on the subject here: but apparently things have changed at Ballyogan.

I have corresponded with the local environmental officer and the Wicklow County Council have been quite unhelpful even suggesting that producing a few litres of a dilute fixer in a calendar year amounts to a very commercial activity and so I should hire a proper disposal company! Their household hazardous collection takes place only twice a year anyway. I got an email from them full of ALL-CAPS-COMMENTS-ABOUT-BEING-COMMERCIAL as if I was some kind of a felon. Yikes.

Since I have a septic tank (lovely lower slopes of the Little Sugar Loaf) I am not going to pollute this part of Ireland. But what should I do? How do you get about disposal? Any local advice from Dublin or Wicklow would be much appreciated. Thanks.